Holiday Coverage is Still Well Within Reach

by Pitch PR | 27th November 2015

By Executive Media Coordinator Marybeth Grass

Here at Pitch Public Relations we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are thankful as ever for our wonderful past, present and future clients!
While the turkey and stuffing buzz may not have worn off yet, it’s safe to say the holiday season is officially in high gear. On the publicity front, it may feel like the media has already (or about to) feature the best gift ideas for the season. However, the good news is there are plenty of outlets just beginning to think about showcasing “must-haves” to be placed under the tree. We’ve discussed this before here on the Pitch Public Relations blog but feel it’s important to remind you that opportunities remain to pitch your product for coverage this holiday season. Of course, you’re not the only one trying to capture the spotlight so take time to craft a pitch that shows editors what makes your product stand out from the rest. Here are strategies to implement in the coming weeks that could result in great media coverage:

Online: Websites are relentlessly looking to feature new content more than any other medium. In fact online outlets may be looking to feature more than one gift guide. When reaching out to online editors, think about niche opportunities depending on the outlet’s readership or the editor’s focus. For instance, say your product caters to parents and is eco-friendly, than be sure to capitalize on both angles. Additionally, don’t discount pitching smaller outlets. You never know when the viral nature of the internet can snowball into bigger and better coverage.

Magazines: Even though top tier magazines have already locked in coverage months ago for the December issue, their online holiday features may very well still be in the works. Be sure to seek out the online editors versus the editorial staff who handled the print issue to make sure your message is reaching the right contact. It’s great to be featured on their glossy colorful pages but more than ever readers are reaching for their tablet or phone to see the latest content, so pitch away! You may end up scoring coverage you thought had long since passed taking into consideration magazine’s normally long lead deadlines.

TV: Local TV newscasts and lifestyle shows are ripe for holiday content. Be sure to emphasize the local aspect of your product whether it’s made in town or at the very least the company is based in the area since reporters and producers with local network affiliates are always looking for that home town angle. Don’t forget to explain the visual opportunities to convince a reporter or producer that your product would show off great on camera.

Newspapers: Your hometown daily and weekly newspapers are in on the holiday gift guide coverage too! Just like online outlets, there may be multiple opportunities for coverage. Take a good look throughout the paper to see where gift guides might pop up. Editors covering a variety of topics (general lifestyle, fashion, gardening, gadgets, etc.) may be planning to feature gift guides focused on some of these individual topics. Seek out these editors and pitch away!

Radio: What it lacks in visuals, it may make up for in an impactful endorsement. Radio show hosts are always looking for something to talk about on air. Consider reaching out to on-air personalities and/or their producer(s) about your product to see if it’s a possible fit on an upcoming holiday gift themed show.

So wait no longer! Seize the great editorial placement that awaits you this season. We wish you much success this holiday season and beyond.

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