How to Make the Most of Media Coverage

by Pitch PR | 6th April 2015

By Michelle Everson, Publicist

Your team has done it – landed that fabulous media placement that you’ve been working on for weeks (or sometimes even months)! No matter how many times we’ve helped clients shine in the press the excitement of landing a quality feature never gets old. Now that you have that valuable piece of coverage, what’s the best way to make the most of it?

Here are some of our top tips for getting the most out of every editorial placement.

Say “thank you.” Whether your organization or news item is the focus of the story or just a part of it, the Golden Rule applies in public relations. Your media contact worked to put together that piece – and everyone likes to be recognized for his or her work! A quick thank you e-mail to show your appreciation for the coverage is all you need. Besides just being polite, being grateful and responsive to media contacts helps to keep you as the expert in your field at top of mind for their next piece.

Share. Once you have a feature link in hand be sure to share it via social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Instagram or Pinterest if it’s a visual piece. If appropriate, don’t forget to tag the outlet that ran the piece. Also, encourage your employees and friends to share too – the more eyes on the news piece, the better! This also helps in maintaining a great relationship with the journalist; the more eyes and ears on his piece, the better for them as well.

Start an online pressroom. Once media momentum has built up around your product, company or expertise, it makes sense to start an online pressroom where people can go to learn more about your brand. This is also helpful to other media outlets to get background on your company and to know where you’ve been featured in the past. (In addition to coverage, be sure to include a press contact in your pressroom so interested media can contact you. Bonus points for having press ready images on file, too!)

Incorporate it into your marketing efforts. For top quality features, sharing one day via social media just won’t do. Share the link in your company newsletter, on your blog, or even in your e-mail signature if appropriate (check with the outlet first on logo usage).

Keep at it. It’s a fast-paced media world; one stellar editorial placement is great, but ongoing press coverage is even better. Once you’ve had a great media hit, keep up the momentum! This can include keeping in touch with target journalists/outlets, brainstorming new angles/ideas to pitch the media, establishing yourself/brand as an expert in your field, and becoming known for always being a “first responder” when the media comes to call.

Great coverage can benefit your business and your current and future customers or clients. We hope you can use these tips to help you maximize both media exposure and success.

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