Planning and Pitching to Media Success

by Pitch PR | 27th December 2015

By Executive Media Coordinator Marybeth Grass

It’s all in the pitch. That’s our motto here at Pitch Public Relations. Whether making publicity a priority has always been in your annual marketing game plan or a new initiative for the New Year, it’s the perfect time to put together a roadmap of angles to pitch throughout the year to ensure media success in 2016! Here are some ideas to help put your pitch planning into motion:

Establish Your Expertise: You’ve worked long and hard to create your business. You know your service or product inside and out, so let the world know! The key is to find a way to lend your expertise in a newsworthy manner. For instance if you sell toys, you may want to pitch your knowledge on the best toys for various ages, or offer up the “must-haves” for the holiday season. Or perhaps you have important new insight on the safest toys on the market. Tap into your wealth of knowledge and pitch away!

New Trends: What’s new in your industry and how will it affect the public? Are there any fresh ideas or happenings in your business that could affect pricing, availability, etc.? Answers to these kinds of questions can lead to great pitches that grab journalists’ attention.
Research: The media loves new data that stems from business research, consumer surveys and other factual content. This information will likely take time and effort to generate but well worth it if interesting and groundbreaking data is the end result.

Tell Your Story: There’s a lot of bad news to be told which makes a pitch about a positive story grab journalists’ attention. Building a business from the ground up always has its fair share of challenges. Sharing the lessons you’ve learned from your bumps in the road and hard work, sweat and tears you’ve endured to reach success may very well be the perfect story to inspire a media outlet’s audience.

Highlight Milestones: Plan ahead for important dates that may resonate with the press. If you are approaching a milestone business anniversary that tells a story of how your company has positively affected the community or coming close to helping, say your 5000th customer solve a problem, it may be time to spotlight the details in a pitch. If you’re not quite there yet, tap into holidays, national recognition days (i.e. Mother’s Day) or events that tie into what you do. One such example…an accountant can provide the latest in filing tips during tax season.

The right pitch at the right time can make all the difference in securing great media coverage all year long. Make it happen in 2016!
We here at Pitch Public Relations wish you every bit of success in the coming year. Happy New Year!

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