PR and Media – Defined!

by Pitch PR | 17th February 2011

If you’re new to the world of PR or media, you may feel like you need a translator. The terminology and jargon in these disciplines can be confusing. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled a glossary of common terms.

Press Release: a formal, written announcement distributed to all news media. Also known as a news release.

Media Impression: the number of people who may have seen an article, heard something on the radio or in a podcast, watched something on television, or read something on a web page or blog.

Exclusive: a news story offered to a single newspaper title, radio, website, or TV station.

Embargo: a warning to the media not to publish a news item until the date specified on the release.

B-Roll: background footage or video used to illustrate a TV story and “cover” narration or interview.

Soundbite: a very short piece of an interview – considered to be a key point. It is often abbreviated with SOT.

VO-SOT: acronym that stands for voiceover/sound on tape. This is a story in which the news anchor reads copy while video plays, and then a short soundbite plays while the anchor stops reading, and then the anchor reads the end of the story.

UVPM: this is a term used to define/measure web traffic of a particular site. It stands for unique visitors per month.

Assignment Editor: staff member of a television or radio news team responsible for judging appropriateness of story ideas assigned to reporter for coverage

Booker: the staff person at a TV or radio station who responds to pitch letters when an appearance needs to be arranged or “booked
Editorial Calendar: the listing of specific times a publication will focus on special sections or special news reporting

Freelancer: writer who sells writing services and is not under regular contract to any one publication

Frequency: the number of times a publication comes out in a given period of time, such as daily, weekly, quarterly, etc

Lead Time: period of time that reporters and producers need to prepare stories and information for publication or broadcast

Pitch: letter/email/phone call generated to introduce a story idea to a member of the media

Sidebar: a portion of a story that is relevant but not necessary to the body of the story, such as data, a glossary, or a deeper explanation of a concept mentioned in the story. Usually it is set apart from the body of the article by a box or screen to make it stand out

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